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Attorney At Law in Hackensack, New Jersey, started practicing law in 1971. More than 42 years later, Mr. is going strong and satisfying clients with amenable resolutions.

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I was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in 1946, and received a bachelor's degree from Rutgers College in New Brunswick in 1968. I received a juris doctorate from Rutgers Law School in Newark in 1971.

Law School

While in law school, I frequently appeared in municipal court and landlord/tenant court, representing indigent clients under a special court rule that allowed third-year law students to work part-time for Newark Legal Services.

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Career Highlights

I was admitted to the practice of law and in federal courts in the state of New Jersey on November 30, 1971. I have been a sole practitioner since November of 1980. Before opening my practice, I was employed by the Newark-Essex Joint Law Reform Project for approximately 10 months, conducting rent strikes for tenants who were trying to improve their quality of life.

From 1972 to 1978, I was employed by the Office of the Public Defender, working as a public defender in Newark and , representing adults charged with serious criminal offenses, where I tried many cases with juries. Between 1978 and 1980, I was an associate working for a sole practitioner , who maintained a law practice involving the general practice of law.

Inside the Courtroom

I frequently appear in superior court and municipal court throughout the state of New Jersey. I'll travel to you to represent you and your interests. Gain peace of mind knowing you are taking more than 42 years of experience with you when you go to court.

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