Criminal Defense Lawyer , New Jersey

Attorney At Law in Hackensack, New Jersey, is a criminal defense lawyer backed by more than 40 years of experience. He's the one you want on your side when it comes to DUI, DWI, and other legal issues you may encounter.

Expert Criminal Law Defense

As a trial lawyer, Mr. focuses his practice on defending clients from criminal, DUI, DWI, domestic violence, and traffic matters. When you come in for a consultation, Mr. conducts a careful interview so he can proceed with the proper research and investigation regarding your case.

Working for You

What is most important to remember is that he treats your problem thoroughly, without being overwhelmed by the difficulty of your situation. He listens to each client to truly understand the entire issue so he can make his best recommendations on how the case should be handled. He always keeps in mind what the client wants, without forcing his own agenda. Talk to Mr. and he will follow your lead and be with you every step of the way.

Jail, Criminal Defense Lawyer , NJ

Contact Mr. regarding your criminal law case and you will discover that you are in the best of hands.